Music Program Fundraising

Music Auxiliary volunteers support the music program by fundraising for:

  • the purchase of large musical instruments 
  • music supplies that wear out or are used up, such as slide oil, guitar strings, mallets, drumsticks, bows and reeds
  • special music classes and clinics by guest teachers and clinicians
  • equipment such as music stands, instrument travelling cases, rehearsal chairs, cables, microphones and amplifiers
  • sheet music for Band Camp
  • offsetting the cost of music festival entrance fees and competition fees
  • transportation to and from music festivals
  • post-secondary scholarships
  • travel bursaries for students in financial need
  • supporting students in financial need to attend Band Camp, the Music Department’s summer intensive outreach program

Fundraising for travel:

Each music student has an account  with the music department. The teachers and Music Auxiliary members coordinate fundraising activities and decide how much of the money raised goes into participating students’ accounts and how much goes to support the music department.

Music Auxiliary volunteers collect the funds raised by the students and deposit the money directly in each student’s account. The money goes toward the cost of the student’s trip, helping to make the trips more affordable for them.

How you can help:

  • encourage concert ticket sales by connecting with local businesses, organizations and seniors’ residences to raise community awareness of NWSS bands and choirs
  • increase concert ticket sales through social media
  • help organize and carry out donation drives or raffle draws at each concert
  • help promote the fundraising events such as the annual Bandathon
  • donate directly to the NWSS Music Program through School Cash On-Line and receive a charitable donation tax receipt for donations of $20 or more.